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When I went looking for a gift for someone special, I wanted it to be perfect. After seeing the artwork done by Tom, I knew that this was just what I was looking for. Tom was very accommodating and helpful while deciding what the print would look like (right) before I purchased it. When I received the finished product, I could feel the care, craftsmanship, and love, like I had drawn it myself. Thank you Tom for helping me give this unique gift to someone that means so much.—Gina Zangara
iPad Sketches Artist Architect Thomas Woodman Broad Leys Windemere Cumbria England CFA Voysey Architect Arts and Crafts Architecture
Thomas Woodman is a close artist friend of mine. He happens to be an extraordinary high end architect here in Cleveland. In addition, he also happens to be a very good watercolor painter. And that’s how I came to know of his other skills. Tom has been in my watercolor training classes for many years. But a number of years ago I began looking into his other skills in his traditional field of architecture.

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and I quickly became enthralled with his exceptional skills—especially when I began to see his virtual skills working in 3D imaging. But then as I was developing my first efforts with this new app, ‘Paper by FiftyThree,’ Tom turned me on to the stylus he was using, which is now my basic imaging tool on my iPad. And Tom has gone off in other directions with his iPad sketching that are amazing. His architectural sketches (above left) and his ‘Rowers’ studies are magnificent. And his ability to then bring these images into a viable commercial art market should be educational to any artist looking at the iPad as a way to expand their own skills and marketing strategies. Check it out yourself.
—David Rankin
Damn that is crazy awesome!!!—Mark White
iPad Sketches Artist Architect Thomas Woodman Parthenon Acropolis Athens Greece Architecture
I was first introduced to Thomas Woodman through his work as an architect. The level of detail and craftsmanship in his work is unparalleled and the homes are a work of art. Slowly I realized what a true artist he really is as he began to reveal more of his paintings. He has an innate ability to see what we all see and transform it on paper in a way that opens your eyes to another world.

I thought I knew rowing in all ways possible when I asked Tom to create a few paintings for a national regatta in Cleveland last year. He captured the sense of being one with the water, the competition, the beauty of our industrial river and the grace of the sport of rowing perfectly. For a few months he immersed himself in our world at the boathouse and emerged telling the story better than any of us could. What a gift for all of us . . .
—Karen Bush
I knew my dad could draw, and that he had watercolor-painting skills, but when he poured that talent onto a sheet of glass (the iPad, that is) I was blown away. Every time he shares his newest sketch with me, I am amazed. The best part is that I got to help him share his beautiful sketches to the world by making this website, and it has been a fun ride. —Chris Woodman
It’s a pleasure to recommend Tom Woodman’s art. Tom has a unique set of skills that makes his art special. I’m amazed at what he can do with his iPad. Pretty incredible. I’m also struck by how Woodman uses his skills as an architect to inform his work. —Dr. Murray Fishel
I knew how talented Thomas Woodman was from seeing his ballbarks site and architectural site. But I simply could not believe that anyone could do what he did with a stylus and an iPad. I immediately downloaded the app Paper by FiftyThree and became even more amazed. I could hardly write my name, let alone come up with an image anyone would recognize. I think he’s a genius. —Susie Learey