Story | How it all began

iPad Sketches Artist Architect Thomas Woodman Cleveland Ohio Willoughby HillsMy name is Thomas Woodman. I’m an architect and artist. On April 25, 2012, I went on a field trip to the Cleveland Zoo to sketch animals with my friend and colleague David Rankin, one of the top wildlife watercolor artists in the world. The purpose of this journey was to jolt myself out of my comfort level. I had always done most of my creative work in the comforts of my office in Willoughby Hills, Ohio.


Different environment, different subject matter (animals), and a chance to use my iPad as an imaging device. It was a liberating day to say the least. Although I could not keep up with the pace David had set, to my surprise I managed to capture the likenesses of the animals on my iPad even though they were moving about.


iPad Sketches Artist Architect Thomas Woodman Cleveland Zoo Turaco Birds ElephantHere’s what I learned that day.


I need to sketch in order to keep my creative engine running at full speed.


I need not be intimidated by people watching me sketch. In fact, I was so focused on trying to capture the animals (right) as they moved that I had no idea anyone was watching me.


With the app “Paper by FiftyThree,” the iPad is an awesome imaging device.


The majority of the images on this website were created after that visit to the zoo. To prove I was there that day, David captured my image in a sketch done on his iPad (see below). He then e-mailed it to me moments after completion directly from the app. I received the image on my iPad while I was still sketching! You have to love the digital world.


I will continue to add images created on my amazing iPad as the months roll on.
iPad Sketches Artist Architect Thomas Woodman David Rankin Cleveland Zoo